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CAML Query to Search for URL field in SharePoint June 19, 2009

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As I recently got assigned to a SharePoint project, I had a scenario where I had to perform a search on a URL field. Checking loads on forums / blogs showed one or two solutions which did not resolve my problem. So I am posting my solution here just in case it helps any one else.

This is how I formed the CAML query :

SPQuery query = new SPQuery();        
query.Query = "<Where><Contains><FieldRef Name='URL'/><Value Type='URL'>"+ urlParameter  +"</Value></Contains></Where>";

//get the results
SPListItemCollection result = list.GetItems(query);

where urlParameter variable holds the relative url i.e. /mysite/subsite

Some blogs suggested using <Eq> but that did not work for me, rather its <Contains> that did the trick.