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Defining Custom Folder content type and custom document content type July 14, 2009

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A  Two Part Article Series

Part 1 : It would be about creating fields and custom content type for document and one

for folder. Then creating a feature to bind them together and activate on a site collection.

Part 2 : This would explain about you can associate those content types programmatically

with a document library.

Here we begin with Part 1

Note : Whereever you see Guids, replace them with new ones on your machine.

First we create a few fields that we can use in our custom content type

Create a file myfields.xml and paste this content in it :

<Elements xmlns="">

<!-- first two fields are for creating custom document content type -->
<Field Type="Text" DisplayName="File Checksum" Required="FALSE" MaxLength="255" 

Group="MyGroup" ID="{01837735-8dec-4f20-b725-5d05e8747f60}" SourceID="{89369214-f359-419c

-80de-14763a3fd415}" StaticName="FileChecksum" Name="FileChecksum"  ShowInNewForm="FALSE" 

ShowInEditForm="FALSE"  ShowInFileDlg="FALSE"></Field>
<Field Type="Note" DisplayName="Information" Required="FALSE" NumLines="6" RichText="TRUE" 

RichTextMode="Compatible" AppendOnly="TRUE" Sortable="FALSE" Group="MyGroup" 

ID="{f48d6644-70ff-402c-847f-728f388d19b7}" SourceID="{89369214-f359-419c-80de-

14763a3fd415}" StaticName="Information" Name="Information"></Field>
 <!-- folder status field used by Custom Folder -->
 <Field Type="Choice" DisplayName="Status" Required="TRUE" Format="Dropdown" 

FillInChoice="FALSE" Group="MyGroup" ID="{61CA18AF-307D-4e08-9907-0274ECABEE56}" 

SourceID="{89369214-f359-419c-80de-14763a3fd415}" StaticName="CustomFolderStatus" 

 <Default>Not Started</Default>
 <CHOICE>Not Started</CHOICE>
 <CHOICE>In Progress</CHOICE>

Now we create another file ctypesCustomDocument.xml and paste this content in it :

<Elements xmlns="">

 <ContentType ID="0x010100F2895C5AACCB5A4599ACEF15F4E082D3" Name="My Custom Doc Type" 

Group="MyGroup" Version="1">
 <FieldRef ID="{f48d6644-70ff-402c-847f-728f388d19b7}" Name="Information" 

 <FieldRef ID="{01837735-8dec-4f20-b725-5d05e8747f60}" Name="File Checksum" 


Then create a file ctypesCustomFolderType.xml and paste this content in it :

<Elements xmlns="">

 <ContentType ID="0x01200051F2CB82D79099439C4C3AF20A5517B5" Name="My Custom Folder Type" 

Group="MyGroup" Version="0">
 <FieldRef ID="{61CA18AF-307D-4e08-9907-0274ECABEE56}" Name="Status" Required="TRUE"  




So just to re-iterate what we have done till here is :
Create a custom document type called “My Custom Doc Type” that includes two field

“Information” and “File Checksum”.
Create a custom folder content type called “My Custom Folder Type” this includes one field

“Status” which is a choice field.

Now we create a feature.xml file and put references to these three xml files in that one


Copy this xml in feature.xml file :

<Feature xmlns=""
 Title="Custom Content Types"
 Description="Installs Custom Content Types"
 <ElementManifest Location="myfields.xml"/>
 <ElementManifest Location="ctypesCustomDocument.xml"/>
 <ElementManifest Location="ctypesCustomFolderType.xml" />

Now copy all the 4 files we have created till now into 12-


Install the content types using this command (you would have to add stsadm to your path

variable for this to work)

stsadm -o installfeature -name CustomContentTypes -force

Once it is installed, we see how it can be used in the next article of this series.


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