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Unable to preview / add SearchFacets webpart in SharePoint July 27, 2009

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Recently when I tried to install the search facets webpart in my development environment, I was to find that it would not be as quick as I had thought it would be.

I followed all the steps in the guide but it would not allow me to preview the SearchFacets webpart (it allows me to preview the other two webparts). If I try to skip it, and go ahead with adding and using it, I just would not be able to add it!

I have raised this over here : but still have to receive a reply that could possibly help me.

Apparently my colleague (whose VM I had copied over to my machine) was able to preview it and add it!

So given that we are both using the same VM copy, one is able to install and add it other one is not. Or maybe its some silly configuration I missed ?

In the mean time  while waiting for the reply, I have tried reinstalling my sql server and sharepoint server on the virtual machine. But it has not worked out yet.

In the worse case scenario, I would have tried creating a new VM image altogether and do it from scratch, but without knowing why it happened I cannot be sure it would not happen next time.

If anyone had faced the same problem and was able to resolve it, do post your comments about it.


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