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Create SPList grouped by a field in SPView November 13, 2009

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Here I do a groupby on SPList so that it can be viewed in TreeView UI with collapsible groups.

Step through of code:

  1. Get the reference to SPList
  2. Define a CAML query to group the list by “Title” of the SPListItem. More than one field can be added by adding as many <FieldRef ../> tags inside the same GroupBy Tag.
  3. Add the fields you would want to see in the view, and set the view as default view for the list.

Code snippet:

/// <summary>

/// Creates a new default view for the history list. This default view is grouped by title of the list.

/// </summary>

/// <param name="web"></param>

private void SetupGroupByView(SPWeb web)


SPList historyList = web.Lists["History"];

string viewQuery = @"

<GroupBy Collapse=""True"" GroupLimit=""100"">

<FieldRef Name=""Title"" Ascending=""True""/>


StringCollection viewFields = new StringCollection();


historyList.Views.Add("Grouped By Title", viewFields, viewQuery, 100, true, true, SPViewCollection.SPViewType.Html, false);



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