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QlikView vs Tableau April 16, 2012

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I have been evaluating the two for few days now, and came up with a few differentiating factors.

I have played around more with QlikView as they have a free version of QlikView desktop, i like the programmability of QlikView, but it is also hard to beat the easy manner in which Tableau allows to create charts using drag and drop.

This is a sum of my experience with the tool, scouring forums, and internet wisdom.

Criteria Qlikview Tableau Comment
Implementation Speed Good Fast With QlikView you need to normalize schema when you load table data. But with tableau you can load data from a table, view or a stored proc and give join conditions later
Scalability Limited by RAM Disk to L1 Cache Big drawback for Qlikview and plus for Tableau.
Pricing Above Average High
Enterprise Readiness SMB SMB
Clients for End Users Browsers,Desktop, Mobile Browser,Desktop Qlikview has free Personal Edition Vs Tableau has free Tableau Reader.
Interactive Visualization Excellent Very Good Most users value Visualization over Modeling
Data Integration Good Very Good Tableau has lot more datasources.
Visual Drill-Down Very Good Good Qlikview is fastest thanks to in-memory database
Dashboard Support Very Good Good Qlikview is best for Dashboards
Modeling and Analytics Weak Excellent OLAP Tableau can also connect to Oracle Essbase and Microsoft Analysis Services.
UI & set of Visual Controls Very Good Good
Technical Effort High Low Tableau requires lot less technical know how to start visualizing.
Development Environment Scripting, Wizard based. Drag and Drop based. Filtering and Excel integration of Qlikview is very strong.
Datasources Capability Good Very Good Tableau supports lot more datasources, and has support for getting data from db stored procs.
Data Load Times Fast Good Qlikview is faster than Tableau
Incremental Load Capability Very Good Good Scripts in Qlikview give it the edge.
Offline access Yes Yes Extracted Data snapshot is possible for both. Qlikview uses its desktop software for offline use. Tableau has a free Reader for offline use.
Columnar DB Excellent In-memory Data Engine
Vendor QlikTech Oracle is OEM partner for Tableau
Sales Team Asks 1 million questions before answering your question Does answer back Will prefer dealing with Tableau sales over QlikView sales
Best for DV, Drilldown Visual OLAP